Manufacturing only the highest quality products is our mantra. From pies to shells to dough sheets and glazes, we stand behind our product that continually exceeds the expectations of our customers. Combine this with 70 years of experience and a customer first attitude, for an outstanding experience.

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Sugar Cream Pie

Sugar Cream The pie that started it all

An original farmhouse recipe, this pie contains only the finest ingredients including cream, sugar, and nutmeg. When the eggs were sold out on the farm, they were omitted from the pie. And so, we make them this way today. Wick built his business on Sugar Cream pie over 70 years ago, and we continue to be the only manufacturer of this flavor. And YES, it's also the Indiana state pie! Similar in taste to crème brûlée, the Sugar Cream pie is lightly sweet, smooth like a custard, and sure to be a family favorite.

Southern Pecan Pie

Southern Pecan

A taste of home. Made with Texas pecans, it has a light sweetness and great crunch once warmed.

Coconut Cream

Our version of a French baked coconut pie. Served cold or warm, it's always a treat. Add a fluffy meringue for a decadent finish.

Pumpkin Pie


A holiday staple! Made with spices & creamy pumpkin, this original recipe from the 1950's has stood the "taste" of time.

German Chocolate Pie

German Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers, we offer a sweet german chocolate filling topped with pecans and toasted coconut for texture and taste.

Pumpkin Chess

Extra rich! Made with more eggs, milk, and wonderful spices, and finished with a touch of cornmeal to give it a crispy top when warmed.

Peanut Butter Cream

Smooth and creamy, this pie tastes like a cross between peanut butter fudge and peanut butter cookies. Oh, so good!

Pie Shells & Dough

“You can’t make a great pie without a great pie shell!” Our time tested recipe is created with just 5 flavorful ingredients. Simple, yet perfect in every way, and great for use in both savory and sweet pies. Ours has flavor! We offer both a lard and vegetable shortening with one of the first Non-Trans Fat per serving Veg Shells in our industry.  Sizes: 3” to 10” Shells (each with its own pan) 6” circles, 10” Dough Sheets, and 8.5×11” Cobbler tops (square)


Fruit GlazesAnd don’t forget the filling — our glazes are the perfect start to your fresh fruit pies with their sweet, bold flavors.

Glaze flavors include:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Peach
  • Sugar-Free Strawberry

Contact us with questions or to request more information at: wickspies@wickspies.com.


To Our Valued Customers:

Wick's Pies is actively assessing our business continuity plan as concerns over the coronavirus, or COVID-19, spread throughout the nation. We understand the important role our products play in your business. Currently, we do not foresee any disruptions in our supply chain or production and are continuing to produce in the ordinary course of business. We have been in communication with our suppliers and delivery contractors and believe at this time that there will be no interruption to service or delivery.

Like all responsible corporate citizens, we're doing our part to support local health officials and government leaders as they work to prevent the spread of the virus, including instituting company-wide policies that promote social distancing and in being more flexible in our employee attendance policies.

In addition, we are restricting visitors to our office and plant and are encouraging on-going business relationships to take place electronically or by telephone.

Wicks production plant follows the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) rules laid out for Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventive Controls for Human Food. We have
enhanced our policy for promoting good hygiene, including handwashing, encouraging employees to avoid close contact with people who are sick and importantly, encouraging them to stay home when they are sick and we have enhanced our daily plant cleaning and sanitation procedures.

Our priority today, as it is at any time, is the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and consumers. We will continue to closely monitor the domestic and global supply chain during this evolving situation.

Should we be alerted to any significant changes in our status, we will update you.

-- Michael D. Wickersham