Raspberry & White Chocolate Cream Hand Pies

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cream Hand Pies

Nothing says “I Love You” quite like a homemade dessert.  With that said, most of us are short on time, patience, and ingredients!  This (semi) homemade dessert recipe (created by food blogger Craving4More ) checks all the boxes for us – deliciously sweet, easy to make, and full of love.  It is also the winning recipe in the Dessert category of our Blogger Recipe Challenge! Congrats, Ashley Dekam! 

This recipe uses Wick’s 9″ Dough Circles.


Yields: Four 4″ hand pies   |  Prep Time: 20 minutes  |  Cook Time: 40 minutes

  • 4 Wick’s 9″ Dough Circles
  • 16 oz. Mascarpone Cheese, room temperature
  • 13 oz. Raspberry Preserves
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • 1 cup Raspberries (fresh)
  • 11 oz. White Chocolate Chips (divided)
  • 1-3 Tbs. Whipped Honey


  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Line 1-5 four-inch ramekins with parchment paper.
    Next, fill each ramekin with a Wick’s Dough Circle – if you want SMALLER hand pies, divide each crust into the desired size.
  3. Take HALF of your white chocolate chips and divide them among the hand pies, sprinkle them onto the crust to create a bottom layer.
  4. In a large bowl, whisk together the mascarpone, preserves, and sea salt until mostly smooth.
  5. Spoon the mascarpone-raspberry filling over the white chocolate chips. Reserve extra raspberry cream filling for any other uses (like for spoonful snacks!).
  6. Loosely fold pie crust edges over the top of the filling.  Bake the hand pies at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, until the crusts are golden brown.
  7. Remove from oven and cool for several hours.
  8. Meanwhile, heat the remaining white chocolate chips until mostly melted. Whisk until smooth. Thinly spread over parchment paper and allow to dry and set.
    Once fully dried and hardened, chop apart into decorative pieces.
  9. As the pies have cooled and set, top with fresh raspberries, white chocolate pieces, and drizzles of whipped honey.

White Chocolate Chips and Pie Dough

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cream Hand Pies

White Chocolate shards

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cream Hand Pies


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